r Best Engineering College

Rules of General Discipline

The college pursues the ideas for development of the highest standard of character, good manners and conduct among the students and expects them to strictly abide by the rules of discipline both in and outside the college campus. The students are also expected to cultivate a tradition of helpfulness, courtesy, tolerance and mutual cooperation, and are also required to display highest regard and respect for their teachers and other functionaries of the institution.

Students should attend classes, submit assignments, home work etc. in time. Students coming late shall enter the class only with the permission of the teacher. Late comers will not get attendance for the period. No student shall leave the class before the class is dispersed by the teacher handling the class.

Students shall move silently when proceeding from one class to another so as not to disturb other classes.

Students who happen to have no classes are not allowed to loiter in the college campus during class hours, instead they should remain quite inside the class rooms or in the library.

The college properties should be handled with maximum care and everything possible should be done to preserve the cleanliness and tidiness of the building, furniture, library books and the premises.

Students must park their vehicles only in the places specified for the same, and should not use the vehicles inside the campus beyond the parking areas.

Students should always possess their identity cards with them and display the same using the card holder and tag provided.