r Best Engineering College

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Prof. (Dr.) Anis Afzal

HoD Computer Science & Engg.

Computer Science Department is the most versatile department of the college and caters to the needs of other departments as well. The students come out as successful professionals in the field with a solid foundation and knowledge of engineering to be able to work with engineers from other disciplines.

The department has modernized and well-equipped laboratory in the fields of Computer Software, Information Technology, Image processing, Multimedia, Computer Hardware,Microprocessor and Digital Electronics.The department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) is a centre of excellence providing in-depth technical knowledge and opportunities for innovation and research with up-to-date computer facilities.

  • To develop student's ability to analyze problems scenarios and evolve solutions involving selected areas of computing.
  • To enable students to gain the ability to identify, formulate and solve challenging problems both in hardware and software systems.
  • To enable students to identify new computing trends and understand emerging technologies.
 Mission & Vision


  • Expose the students to principles and practices of design and development of computing systems.
  • Provide organizational and leadership skills in students through various extra- curricular and co-curricular events.
  • To create awareness for moral and ethical values among faculty and students.
  • Improve departmental activities and interaction with professional society through seminar/workshops.


  • To provide excellent educational opportunities that are responsive to the needs of our students, and empower them to meet and exceed challenges as active participants in shaping the future of our world.