r Best Engineering College

Co-Curricular Activities

An immersive educational experience with all round development of personality is a must for the proper growth of students and they are boost up morally so that they have a discipline.A strong feeling of community exists on campus. Students are given ample avenues for personal growth and explorations of hobbies.

Cultural Activities

The college follows an annual event calendar to provide the students a formal platform enthused with the energy to channelize all their imaginative, emotional, technical, and even the unheard chords. The originality and creativity backed up by planned and coherent team action is valued among the participants. Various competitions in the field of music, dance and drama bring the inherent talents of the students on surface and make them recognized. Students also participate outside the college and bring home laurels.Events like Techno Fest and Alumni Meet are organized and managed by the students themselves.

The campus is equipped with a wide range of facilities that make life on campus fulfilling.Life on campus is vibrant and engaging.The campus also hosts various student events and festivals. Each component of the festival or event is designated as a department and is again completely student managed.